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This promotion does
NOT apply to Unique registrations (See Registry Systems) AND it does NOT apply to Dual registrations (See FREE Dual Registrations). This promotion is usually for breeders that want to register more than one dog at the same time (from their own litters for breeding stock, usually). This promotion can also be applied toward breeders with multiple dogs that are having a hardship.

# of Reg.'s Reg. Cost For Each  Age Fee Over 1 Yr. Extra Photo & Holder  Each
1-4 $ 15 (no discount) $15 $10
5-10 $ 10 $15 $9
11-20  $ 9 $15 $8
20+ $ 8 $15 $7

Universal is always looking for ways to help its members. If any breeder has a minor hardship and needs a discount, Universal will be happy to try to accommodate that breeder. Also, please always call, as we will always consider hardship discounts for our products and services in unforeseen, serious and uncontrollable situations and circumstances for both members and new members. Universal is aware of the fact of how expensive breeding is.

*ALSO CALL 845/735-0055UNIVERSAL FOR BULK DISCOUNTS ON: Books, keychains, pamphlets, bumper stickers and any other products Universal sells. 845/735-0055

Please keep checking our other pages as we will be adding more items and services to benefit our members.   

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