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We are currently updating and computerizing all our records. All records are not in our computers.
Rat pedigrees are done by hand and take a while.
Please be patient.
The procedure for obtaining a pedigree certificate is as follows:
1) Send a copy of your dog’s Universal certificate of registration.
2) Enclose the correct amount in a money order or  Check for the pedigree of your choice.
3) Enclose this note or a brief note, that you are requesting a pedigree for your dog. CIRCLE ONE BELOW.
                                                 For A  Regular Pedigree Certificate
     3 gen(Parents & Grandparents & Great Grandparents)      (14 verified names)                                                                   
$5 + $28 Total $33 {Actual cost after discount $30}       
             4 generations                (30 verified names)
$5 + $60 Total $65{Actual cost after discount $40}    
            5 generations                 (62 verified names)
$ 5 + $ 124 Total $129 {Actual cost after discount $50}
                     The cost of a pedigree certificate is $5 for each certificate plus $2 for each verified name.

For A Color of Dog Pedigree Certificate
If you want the colors of each dog the cost is:
               3 gen(Parents & Grandparents & Great Grandparents)                                                4 generations                                                  
              $5 + $42 Total $47{Actual cost after  discount $40}            $5 + $90 Total $95{Actual cost after discount $50}                                
                                 (14 verified names with colors)                                                          (30 verified names with colors)                                  
The cost of a dog-color pedigree certificate is $5 for each certificate plus $3 for each verified name.
                                                          THANK YOU
                                            Please keep checking as we will be adding more discounted items, services and information.

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