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Universal has an immense amount  of information about the Rat Terrier on its Website because:

1. UNIVERSAL was the first and main registry to standardize, register and recognize the
    Rat Terrier and establish it as a pure breed (along with  many breeds)!

    See Universal Rat Book of Records  AND Verifications, Certifications and Typing
2. There are over 250,000 Rat Terriers in the world.
3. The Rat Terrier is Universal's largest registered breed at this time. 
4. Universal was the first registry to officially make the Rat Terrier a pure breed dog.
5. Universal has done more for the Rat Terrier breed than all other registries combined.
6. The Rat Terrier may currently be the fastest growing breed  in the world.
7. Universal registers well over 90% of the Rat Terriers in the world. See WHY Universal?
8. Our registry is the main database for Rat Terriers in the the world. We have the most accurate and complete pedigrees in the world for the Rat Terrier.See Rat Pedigrees.
9. From the over 400 known breeds in the world the Rat Terrier is in the top 50 most numerous breeds in America.
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