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The Universal Rat Terrier Dam with most recent and  the largest registered # of puppies in a Litter in the Universe: Was born on 11/1/96 to a Dam named Daisy who had 13 puppies in the litter, with 6 males and 7 females, owned by Kelli D. Ulmer.

First Official Universal Rat Terrier  Best In Show Winner:10/18/98, Winner-Four Paws Mr. X, Owned          By:  Francis C.Lutwinas of Enfield CT.

First Official Universal Rat Terrier Book in the Universe:10/1/98, "Rat Terrier", Written By Linda Hibbard.

Most complete & helpful Rat Terrier Pamphlet published September, 1999 by Universal.

The current Tiniest Verified Toy Rat Terrier at Universal
The CURRENT record holder was registered on 9/16/04, and verified on 6/7/05,
Named: Little Blue Isis   Owned By: Kathy Adamson and weighs  2.1 lbs.

The last record holder was registered on 10/6/98, and verified on 10/6/98, 
Named: Sissy   Owned By: I.W. Sonnier and weighed  3 lbs. 

Universal was the first registry (*and currently the only*) for the Rat Terrier to:
1.Verify Toy Rat Terriers (free).*
2. Register, recognize and standardize the breed.
3. Keep the breed united with one name, breed and one standard. 
    (No division into another breed by name, type/size etc).
4. Supported the Rat Terrier through all hard times, when no registry would.
5. Maintain the most pedigree records and the largest database in the world.*
6. Stopped Rat Terrier hybrid litters as of 1/1/00.
7. Offer a Stud/Bitch Mating Service, helping breeders mate their studs & bitches and members mate their pets.*
8. Gold Package($35)-members($58 value/bumper sticker $3,key ring $5, pamphlet $5, mating service $20,
     book $25).*
9. Sanction and sponsor a show in the state of Texas.*
10. Financially sponsor the first show in the Northeast.*
11. Free web advertising for its members (which can also be changed or modified monthly free*).
12. Give free litter credits under our Breeder Bonus program.*
13. Offer free separate classified breeder ads w/photos.*
14. Compiled the most complete pamphlet (origin, history, care, feeding, housebreaking, puppies, health, hunting,
      mating, breeding, whelping, standard, showing and more in one easy to use pamphlet for only $5).*
15. Offer hardship discounts and many free products and services.*
16. Yearly, solve hundreds of misunderstandings, problems and complaints between breeders &/or puppy         
17. Offer a free show packet to assist members to form clubs and have shows.*
18. Put the detailed “show winner’s” status on their registration certificates.*
19. Charge the lowest price to put your dogs photo on its registration certificate.
20. Have compiled the largest photo library of Rat Terriers in the world.
21. Wanted Linda Hibbard to write the first valuable book on the Rat Terrier.
22.Have complete open, quick, free and direct communication to anyone through our web or by telephone.
      Anyone can contact us and ask us about anything in the pet industry.
23. Help motivate and supported many people to do shows, newsletters, publish information, create web sites
      and build the popularity of the Rat Terrier breed.
           Please keep checking as we will be adding more records about the Rat Terrier for the enjoyment of our members.  


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