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Universal has three registration systems:
1. Universal Registry System:
When the sire and dam are registered with Universal and the puppy is registered in a litter.
You must submit: 1.An application that was pre filled by computer, completely filled out.
OR Call (845/735.0055)         2.A close up color photo of your dog ONLY if you are placing his photo on the certificate.
The cost is $20.00 for the certificate of registration plus $15.00 if the dog is over one year old. (Under one year old, registration is only $20).

2. Universal FREE Dual Registry System: For 3 or more dogs SEE our FREE Dual Registration Promotion!
Any dog registered who is registered with another registry and wants to register with Universal, can register any breed from any breeder.  "Dual" registration means: dogs already registered with another registry, can be registered with Universal also.
You must submit:       1.A copy of the certificates of registration from the other registries.

3. Universal Unique Registry System: See Applications also.
Any pure breed dog that for whatever reason is not registered in a litter or either of its sire/dam were not registered with any registry or if perhaps for whatever reason you were denied registry and your dog is at least one year old;
YOU MUST SUBMIT:1.An application filled out with as much information as possible. (Applications) OR Call (845/735-0055)
                             2.A recent close up color photo of your dog of the entire dog.
                             3.A Veterinarians' letterhead stating the breed, sex, age, height, weight and colors of your dog.
The cost is $60.00 for the certificate of registration.

Please Note For Unique Registries:
                      1.We review the photo of the dog carefully, and the registration may be rejected if it does not meet
                          the standard for that breed.
                      2.As we review each Unique registry carefully, we may contact the Veterinarian.
                      3.Also we may send a
Universal Representative to view the dog being registered.
                      4.On the certificate of registration the dog is clearly stated as "Original Stock" under the "Verified" section.
                      5.The photo of the dog must go on his Certificate of Registration.

Also please always call, as we will always consider hardship discounts for our products and services in unforeseen, serious and uncontrollable situations and circumstances for both members and new members.
Remember to: Completely fill out the entire application and submit all the required documentation and always enclose a color photo.
                                                                    Please keep checking as we update our registry services.                        
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