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Everyone buying a dog or anyone breeding, must always ask themselves:
What are my registration papers worth?
The following makes registration papers from Universal one of the most valuable in the entire industry.

Has your registry been in business very long?
Universal is one of the oldest registries in the world, established 1938.
Meet the Staff. Only Universal was the first registry to register, recognize and standardize over 300 breeds since 1938, we may be the first truly All Breed registry. And although we added the word international to our name on our 60 TH anniversary, everyone should know that we have been registering over 300 breeds internationally since 1938.

2.Does your registry verify, certify and/or type information about your dog on their certificate?
Universal is the Only registry to Verify/Certify/Type many types of information right on your certificate of registration. See  Verifications, Certifications & Typing.

3.Does your registry clearly identify your dog? A photo of your dog can be placed on your Registration Certificate. And Universal has many internal and external systems to certify the identity of your dog.

4.Does your registry offer a photo of the dog on the certificate for proper identification of the dog?
Universal can place a photo of your dog on your certificate of registration for a nominal fee.

5.Does your registry check all registrations for accuracy and reliability? All applications and registrations are completely checked. Only Universal has a double registration numbering system and triple checking system for the protection of your dog and you.

6.Does your registry have many procedures to validate the registration of the dog? Universal has many external and internal procedures validating the registration of every dog. See some at
Verifications, Certifications & Typing.

7.Does your registry offer many valuable services that are FREE to its members? Check all our FREE items FREE For Universal Members.

8.Is your registry service fast, accurate and reliable? Universal's true and overall  turnaround time is probably the fastest in the industry. Always check your Certificate of Registration. And for the fastest in service we also have Priority Services

9.What are the goals, purposes and policies of your registry?
Universal is a registry that is constantly trying to find better ways of doing things for all members, their dogs  and all breeds.

10.Does your registry give everyone access to fast, complete and accurate information? You may contact Universal and we will work hard to try to assist you about anything in the pet industry

11.Do you know why you should register with a particular registry? See
Why Universal? And Information About Universal

12.Is your registry computerized? To better serve its members Universal is using all advanced modern technology.

13.Is the bloodline of your dog protected and secure? Universal through its verifications, certifications and typing and its many database information links, protect and secure the bloodline and pedigree of your dog. Universal may have one of the most expansive and complete databases in the registry business to better serve all our members.

14.What is your registry doing for you?
Universal is willing to be compared to anyone in the industry. Universal offers more free valuable benefits & services then all other registries.
After looking over our website, and you don't see valuable benefits for you, please send us a suggestion .
e mail at

15.Does your registry offer a web site that is very helpful & simple, full of services and has many benefits for YOU?

16. What does your registry offer you for FREE? FREE For Universal Members     FREE Dual Registration

Remember-everyone buying a dog or anyone breeding, must always ask themselves: What are my registration papers worth? AND What are my registration papers doing for me?


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