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If you wished to host a show please call 845735-0055 and ask for a show packet.

Universal can be invited by any organization to attend any events and/or matches for any recognized or rare breed. Universal can be invited to any event or match which is not a recognized breed of Universal also. Call 845/735-0055. Universal can sanction events and/or matches as long as they meet Universal rules. Points are not awarded at Events and/or matches.

Shows that Universal sanctions.
Universal will sanction and license shows with kennel clubs, associations or any organization for any breed or for an all breed show. Call 845/624-5555 for applications and details. Everyone must meet Universal rules.
   Each individual organization handles all affairs of a show and
Universal simply:
            1. Sanctions and licenses the show, its judges and the standards used at the show.
            2. Promotes the show for the hosting and sponsoring organization or club.
            3. Works to maintain the integrity, fairness and enjoyment of the show.

            4, Has a Universal Representative at every sanctioned show.
            5. Universal does not handle any of the finances at any sanctioned show. All disbursements and receipts involved  with  these shows are handled by the host and sponsor of the show. All arrangements including an outside financial sponsor are handled by the host of the show. Universal may assist any host in obtaining outside sponsor, financial assistance or whatever assistance Universal can offer.

Anyone attending our sanctioned shows can:
1. Register with Universal.
2. Have a great fun day.
3. Often receive free gifts.
4. Win medals and/or ribbons and/or trophies.
5. Buy products and learn about various pet services.
6. Perhaps win something from the many prizes in the Raffle.
7. Meet us from Universal.
8. Bring their beloved pets.
9. Learn what they could do to better show there dogs.
10. Sell puppies at our shows.

Universal does NOT restrict any of its members from showing in any show in the world. The following is a short list to guide and help our members that wish show any of their dogs in any All Breed Dog Shows. Some are also registries however, Universal does not restrict our members from either being registered with another registry or showing their dogs at any shows. However, only shows sanctioned by Universal will receive points toward our Universal Grand Champion Show.

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