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Wolf Hybrids

Poo's are simply the breeding of a Poodle and another pure-breed. Poo's have been bred for over 50 years. People buying pets, simply liked the characteristics, temperaments & qualities, of breeding a poodle with other pure-breed dogs. Poo's are extremely popular in America. Under our separate division & Universal's Poo Program, Poo litters are registered. 
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Since the beginning of time, different breeds have been bred together. In fact, most recognized breeds of today are the result of breeding among many breeds, over long periods of time. Reflecting the wonderful and different characteristics, temperaments & qualities of the many recognized breeds of today. Under our separate division, Universal's & Hybrid Program, Hybrid litters are registered. A Hybrid is simply 2 pure-breeds.
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Wolf Hybrids have existed since the 1950's.Universal is the largest registry for Wolf Hybrids & the first registry for Wolf Hybrids.
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Universal has strongly enforced the mating of either Wolves (originally many years ago) and now Wolf Hybrids to most other breeds which are the most compatible and agreeable for Wolf Hybrids. Like: Malamutes, German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies and Samoyeds. They are not permitted in some states. See Wolf Hybrid breeders.

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