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A.Support and work with organizations that work with and support Universal.  845/735-0055

B. Unite all breeders, owners and pet lovers for the building up and strengthening of all breeds.

C. Work together to improve, benefit and develop the fair, accurate and complete standard of all breeds.

D.  Maintain, secure and develop the purity of all breeds and give each breed its full, true and worthy recognition.

E.  Verify, certify and type information for each breed to secure and strengthen all breeds.

F. Continuously work to simplify all aspects of registering all breeds.

G. Eliminate and avoid confusion, politics and misunderstandings for all breeds in the registry business.

H. Promote, represent and benefit all the various organizations affiliated with all the breeds we register. (links to affiliations)

I. Use all suggestions concerning any issues in the pet industry to communicate, resolve and benefit all breeds.

J. Offer as much personalized service as possible to properly and accurately register, recognize and standardize all breeds.

K. Receive as much fun, enjoyment and love as we can with our loved pets.

L. Use technology to better serve our members and their loved pets.

M. Work together with the entire industry to assure the health of our loved pets.
Please keep checking as we will be adding more policies to better serve our members See.                  *Questions?*

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