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1. Universal verifies all "Toy" Breeds on their certificate of registration. If you have a Toy Breed and you wish to register it as a Toy, it needs to be at least one year old, weigh 10 pounds or less and we must receive a Veterinarians' letter stating the breed, sex, age, weight, height, color, and name. Submit your original registration certificate and the Veterinarians letterhead to Universal and we will re-issue a new certificate stating that your dog is a verified Toy, totally free of charge in the "Verified" section of  your certificate of registration.

Universal will also verify the Bloodline of any breed on their certificate of registration for all our breeders. If a breeder wishes to have their bloodline put on the certificate of registration of the puppies they sell, then simply-when you receive back the green Applications with  the registration of your litter registration for the puppies in that litter, then take each green puppy application and next to the type of breed put the bloodline in parenthesis. For example where the breed is stated you put the bloodline in parenthesis and it will look like this:
Rat Terrier( Bloodline-Decker Giant). And
Universal will put the bloodline on the certificate of registration under the "Verified" section of the certificate of registration, totally FREE of charge.

Universal will also verify the Type of your breed right on their certificate of registration. The various types are:
                      Type A (long-legged) or
                      Type B(short-legged) and the
                      Toy(10 lbs. and under) See Verifications-Toy breeds above for details on the
free verification for the  Toy Breeds   
Universal verifies Toy Rat Terriers for

                      Mini(10 to 18 lbs.),
                      Standard (over 18 to 28lbs) or
                      Decker Giant (Decker bloodline and over 28 lbs.)
                      This verification can be done by bringing your dog to a Veterinarian or to one of our official
Universal inspectors. Our Universal Inspectors will verify the type of your dog at no charge. Veterinarians will probably have a small charge. They must examine, weight and measure the height and body of your dog and state the types. The dog must be at least  one year old. Call 845/735-0055 to find out the nearest Universal inspector to you. Also you may check our list of  State Inspectors. Unfortunately this service is not free and you will receive back a new beautiful certificate of registration stating the various types for your dog.

Universal is certifying the top winners at it's sanctioned shows and places that information for the winner in each show on their  new certificate of registration and issuing a new certificate of registration for free
Universal is typing( for free) ,the various types that exist within each breed.
Universal types: the Mountain Feist, Bench Legged Feist, American Feist,
                                                             Treeing Feist and Squirrel Feist.
Universal types: the Rough-haired and the Smooth-haired.
 2.Also see the verification section above concerning the verification of the Rat Terrier
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